Standard Operating Procedure for purchasers of Real Estate

Pursuant to New York State Real Property Law 422-H

D’Andrea Craig Realty Inc., herein referred to as D’Andrea Craig Realty is publishing its Standard Operating Procedure which detail requirements all Prospective Buyers must satisfy prior to receiving services from a Licensed Agent/Broker.

In Guidance, D’Andrea Craig Realty Agent/Brokers must carry out the following Standard Operating Procedures with respect to any Prospective Buyer:

  • Prospective Buyer Photo ID: D’Andrea Craig Realty never requires Prospective Buyers to provide photo ID to work with a licensed Agent/Broker.
  • Exclusive Buyer-Broker Agreement: D’Andrea Craig Realty does not require or ask Prospective Buyers to sign an Exclusive Buyer-Broker Agreement to work with a Licensed Agent/Broker. A Prospective Buyer and a Licensed Agent/Broker, however, may enter into an Exclusive Buyer-Broker Agreement if both parties agree or wish to do so.
  • Buyer Pre-Qualification/Pre-Approval: D’Andrea Craig Realty does not require Prospective Buyers to provide evidence of a mortgage pre-approval to work with a Licensed Agent/Broker. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon for other entities, including a Seller or Listing Agent of another company, to ask for advance proof of pre-qualification or pre-approval, including but not limited to the following: viewing a property, entering an open house, or receiving an offer from a Prospective Buyer.


Last updated: April 22, 2022